We're campaigning for the common good - starting with:

  • Housing -  we work for affordable and sustainable housing and rights for renters
  • Education - we argue for keeping our schools in public hands and an end to constant re-organisation
  • Transport - we work on providing accessible public transport and safer provision for travel with or without a car
  • Energy - we support insulated homes, energy-saving businesses, good use of sunshine and no nuclear
  • Health - we campaign for healthcare and the NHS to be in public hands with better provision for the elderly and disabled at home
  • Peace - peace has to be worked for, war damages both planet and people, so we work for peace

Andy Brown blogs on these and other subjects at votegreenandybrown.weebly.com

The local party campaigns on these issues by supporting national campaigns such as those for the NHS and by local initiatives.

Our local campaigns between 2012 and 2016 concentrated on transport issues. One major campaign was to get the towpath improved. Two strands of this - surfacing to Bradley from Skipton and getting lights back on the main Skipton town towpath - have now finished as the work is done. Another strand - the path to Sawley Street and Niffany - is underway. We continue to campaign for the towpath to be repaired or resurfaced and for the section out towards Niffany Bridge to be completed. Our other transport campaigns have been on 20mph, buses and road safety issues.

We campaign on other issues such as planning and housing and against academisation of all schools, and opposing fracking. In March 2017 the No Fracking Way Walk came through Craven and was supported by the local party.

Please contact us if you'd like to get involved in campaigning. Email craven.greens@gmail.com or contact us via https://www.facebook.com/SkiptonandCravenGreenParty or Twitter @greencraven.

We and our members also often support pressure group campaigns such as those of 38 degrees, Friends of the Earth, Campaign Against American Bases, Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Survival International, Amnesty International, fracking groups - any groups whose campaign is in line with our own national or local policies. Members have been active in helping refugees settling in the Craven area.

In 2016 we supported the IN campaign to remain part of the European Union and we will continue to oppose leaving the Single Market and any weakening of environmental and worker regulation and parliamentary democracy.