Local People in our Local Party



A local party run by local members


We have a team of committed members who run the local party and coordinate activities. They are elected or appointed every year under a constitution. Bentham group is part of the local party but meets and organises informally in Bentham area - see the Bentham page.

We have teams for some areas for elections.

Green Team for North Craven - Sarah Wiltshire and others

Green Team for Skipton - Claire and Chris Nash

Green team for South Craven - Andy Brown and Stephen Morton


Local Contact - Andy Brown

Andy maintains our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SkiptonandCravenGreenParty. He can be contacted on craven.greens @gmail.com or by phone on 07886 858038. He was our general election candidate for Skipton & Ripon in 2015 and is again in 2017.

His career was in further education and skills and he was deputy head at Keighley College. He is now retired and has lived in Cononley for 20 years.  He keeps bees and plays guitar.   He is Cllr for Aire Valley with Lothersdale.

Co-Ordinator - Claire Nash

Claire moved to Skipton in 2005/6 after being a Green Party councillor in Leeds. She has campaigned on issues such as environment, fuel poverty, transport and peace for many years and was an early member of Friends of the Earth. She had been active in Green politics in Leeds from 1978 to 2006 and in 2011/2012 decided to get active in Skipton and with another member set up the local party in 2012. She took over as Co-ordinator in 2015.

Contact her on 01756 700096 or at craven.greens@gmail.com


Treasurer - Chris Nash

Chris works quietly behind the scenes doing accounts and distributing leaflets and generally doing what he can to help other people get elected - he keeps out of the limelight but has worked for the Green Party and for what it believes in - a fairer and more ecologically-aware society - for many years.

Social Media

Unfortunately we lost our social media wizard who had to move away for work. Always a problem in Craven.

Our account @greencraven is maintained by Claire Nash.

Election Agent - Claire Nash

Claire is a veteran member who joined the party in 1978. She was an elected Green Party member of Leeds City Council 2000-2006. She is our experienced election advisor who is gradually training up other members. 

Claire has been candidate for Skipton North 6 times.