Help get more Greens elected

We don't lack enthusiasm, but we do lack cash.

If you support what we are doing, please consider making a donation. You can do that easily and simply by sending a cheque to Skipton and Craven Green Party, 27 Hall Croft, Skipton, BD23 1PG. In order to comply with election law, you need to be on the electoral register and to give us your name and address.

We work hard all year round helping residents with problems, investigating what the three councils are doing and letting them know when we think they are wrong, campaigning on national issues, putting out informative newsletters door to door, publicising important issues online or in the street. 

But hardworking volunteers,  good policies and ideas, and support from an increasing number of electors still is not enough to win elections. Hard cash is needed if we are to reach and persuade more people and win seats at all levels in Craven.

Greens make their pennies work harder than in other parties; but to win votes we have to pay for leaflets, posters, calling cards, travel and stamps. It costs over 50p for each letter sent to a potential voter (printing, envelope, stamp). 

We have no wealthy donors and rely on many people giving us small sums, sometimes only £1.  Your donation could be the one that takes us over the line, and helps us win. Immense thanks to the donors who have funded our £500 deposit to stand in the general election in Skipton & Ripon.

Thank you.