Local and national elections

In the local elections on May 3rd 2018 we are standing in 2 wards. 

Aire Valley with Lothersdale.

Our candidate Andy Brown was elected in a byelection last year with 51% of the vote and is now a Craven District councillor. This year Stephen Morton is standing. Stephen is recently retired from a career in public health and is keen to make a difference and to represent local people. 

Ingleton and Clapham

Sarah Wiltshire has been working hard on behalf of local people for the past year, after gaining over 30% of the vote in 2017's county election. She has been carrying out Big Green surveys, talking to local people about local issues, participating in local events and carrying out casework. 


In 2017 we stood in 4 county districts. This was a doubling of our previous effort, when we stood in 2 seats during our first year of existence. The 4 seats covered 3 wards where we have never stood before - Bentham, West Craven and Cowling - giving many more people the chance to vote Green.

Airedale (Andy Brown)

North Craven (Sarah Wiltshire)

Skipton East (David Noland)

Skipton North (Claire Nash)

For more about some of our candidates see our section on 'People'.

We do not have the financial resources to put out newsletters in every ward, and anyway that might use up irreplaceable forest (although we use mainly recycled paper for our leaflets).  But we do what we can for free.  We doorknock, chat to people in the street, attend public meetings and use social media to keep in contact with residents.

So you may see us around, or stumble on us on-line, and perhaps you will reward our efforts by voting Green!