8 May 2017

In the byelection for Aire Valley with Lothersdale for Craven District Council we had an outstanding win for Andy Brown who had 652 votes to the Conservative's 644. A rather slim margin of 8 votes but Andy did it! Our first ever councillor on Craven District who will serve for 3 years (as it was a byelection) rather than the usual 4 years.

Our results in the Norh Yorkshire County Council elections:

Sarah Wiltshire had 866 votes, approx. 33% of the vote in North Craven in a two-handed contest with the Conservatives. Turnout 42%.  We had not stood in the county elections before in this division and this was a surprisingly good result. 

David Noland had 225 votes, 9% in a 4-cornered contest in Skipton East division, won by the long-serving Independent Robert Heseltine.

Claire Nash had 181 votes, a disappointing 7% in Skipton West division where last time we had 14% but unsurprising dip was due to local resurgence of Labour in Skipton West and the lack of doorstep activity on our part whilst we targetted Aire Valley for Andy Brown.

In Airedale, for the county , Andy Brown had 20% of the vote in a 3-way contest with Labour (597 votes) and winning long-standing Independent Phil Barrett.

An average vote of 24% plus one elected councillor is not bad at all for a local party that has only been in existence for 5 years. The hunt is now on for candidates for 2018 who want to help take us forward towards a green environment, a just and sustainable economy and strong communities.

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