Historic agreement in Skipton & Ripon

1 June 2017

Our voting system in the UK is not very democratic. People often feel that their vote has been wasted. It is difficult for smaller parties, who often pay a heavy price in lost deposits and who get very little media coverage. This applies even to the Liberal Democrats, as Labour and Conservatives both want the UK to remain a 2-party state and so they oppose proportional representation. 

The Green Party locally has come to an historic arrangement with the local Liberal Democrats. They are not standing a candidate in Skipton & Ripon and we are not standing a candidate in Harrogate & Knaresborough. 

We are agreed that we need proportional represention; that we need to remain closely linked to the rest of Europe and not have a 'hard' Brexit; and that we need to protect our environment. On many other issues, our policies and views differ but at this election these three issues are vital.

We are therefore asking those who usually vote Liberal Democrat in Skipton & Ripon to seriously consider voting for Andy Brown, the Green Party candidate.  And for Green voters in Harrogate & Knaresborough to seriously consider voting for Helen Flynn, the Liberal Democrat candidate.











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