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Vote Green, Vote Andy Brown Campaign

Wednesday 11th November: Last but one day of the campaign and today Andy will be in Ripon for the morning and Skipton for the afternoon, continuing his efforts to talk to people about the biggest issues of the day - climate change and the NHS - as well as many others. It has been a hectic 5 weeks which has seen him venture almost every part of the constituency. Yesterday it was Wiskill, Summerbridge and (for the fourth time) Pateley Bridge.

He has stood outside dozens of primary schools early morning or afternoon to meet parents and has regularly been seen in the major centres of population - Ripon, Skipton, Crosshills, Settle and Pateley Bridge - and at railway stations. He has spoken at several hustings, has met and spoken with the Friday climate strikers in Skipton and Settle and has visited desecrated Hellifield Flashes - a particular concern of his - to support protesters there. He has spoken to dozens of shopkeepers, because the Green Party traditionally supports small businesses and SMEs as part of its ethos. Knocked on many doors as well. 

Every house had a glossy green leaflet by way of the Royal Mail and over 15,000 homes across the constituency have had another leaflet delivered by hand by Andy or by one of his 30 or so volunteers.

Vote Green, Vote Andy Brown for Skipton and Ripon

Skipton and Craven Green Party

Our area is Craven District, which stretches from the edge of Bradford up into the Yorkshire Dales. We cover the western half of the Skipton & Ripon constituency (Harrogate & District Green Party covers the eastern half). We are lucky enough to be in one of the loveliest areas in the world.

Since we began in October 2012 with a dozen members our local party has been growing and we now have over 100 members. Why not join us?

We have stood in local elections since 2013 with an average of 17% of people voting  for us in wards where we stood. In 2017 we won our first seat on Craven District by just 8 votes (!) and in 2019 we won a second seat on Craven District and a town council seat in Skipton. Why not join those who have helped us win seats, and vote for us?

We rely on lots of small donations, we have no wealthy hedge-fund managers to back us up. Why not donate to us?

Please browse this site to discover more about us and whether we are worth joining, voting for and donating to!

We are part of the Green Party of England and Wales -

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