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The results of the 2017 general election were:

Julian Smith          Conservative 36,425
Alan Woodhead              Labour 16,440
Andy Brown                    Green   3,734
Jack Render       Yorkshire Party   1,539

Andy's vote and his share of the vote increased over that in 2015, when the local Craven Green Party set up in 2012 first stood a candidate in Skipton & Ripon. We had hoped for more votes in 2017 due to the LibDems not standing, but many of their voters chose to vote for the two main parties rather than vote for Andy. Turnout percentage was slightly up on 2015 and the number of electors had grown, with a surge of young people registering to vote, which was good news for democracy.

Andy's result was splendid and against the national trend. Nationally the Green Party share of the vote went down for the first time in any general elections since the party began. Andy's share went up by 600 votes and went from 5% to 6%. That means 1 in every 17 voting Green. Small parties like ours find it difficult enough to finance general elections but with this one coming hard on the heels of the 2015 election and at short notice, and with no unions or big businesses to back us, lack of finance was a major issue.

Another major problem for us was that tactical voting websites sprang up which recommended voting Labour in Skipton & Ripon as though Labour had a chance of unseating the Conservatives, which was nonsense. It is a very safe Conservative seat. Julian Smith MP now has a 20,000 majority and over 60% of the vote. In the end the Labour vote was, predictably, lower than that for the LibDems in 2010.

Thank you to all who by voting Green affirmed the need for a party which concerns itself with the planet, environmental justice, wildlife and animal welfare, human rights, inter-generational justice and climate change as well as the pressing needs of human poverty and inequality, plus the need to make our economy more sustainable and recognise that fossil resources are not inexhaustible.  Planet and people! As Andy said at the count on June 9th, Onwards and Up!

Thank you for voting Green

Skipton and Craven Green Party

Our area is Craven District, which stretches from the edge of Bradford up into the Yorkshire Dales. We cover the western half of the Skipton & Ripon constituency (Harrogate & District Green Party covers the eastern half). We are lucky enough to be in one of the loveliest areas in the world.

Since we began in October 2012 our local party has been growing. Why not join us?

We have stood in local elections in Skipton since 2013. An average of 17% of people voted for us in the wards where we stood in 2015. Why not join them, and vote for us?

We rely on lots of small donations, we have no wealthy hedge-fund managers to back up. Why not donate to us?

Please browse this site to discover more about us and whether we are worth joining, voting for and donating to!

We are part of the Green Party of England and Wales -

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